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Wadzanai Manyore: 13 Tantalising Photos of Zimbabwe’s Most Beautiful Farmer

-Wadzanai Manyore has captivated the younger generation with her zeal for agribusiness

-What’s more, she enjoys sharing about her agribusiness undertakings on social media

-The farmer’s captivating photos and videos leave netizens awed

The face of agribusiness in Africa is changing thanks to younger people who are joining the field.

The truth is dawning on many young people that the next line of billionaires will come from agribusiness.

Wadzanai Manyore from Zimbabwe is such a young farmer who has proved that agribusiness is not only rewarding, but one can look good while at it.


Wadzanai Manyore. Image source: Wadzanai Manyore/Instagram

In one of her recent videos, Manyore, who runs Wadzanai Agribusiness, speaks to President Emmerson Mnangagwa at his Pricabe Farm in Kwekwe.

She has been at Wadzanai Agribusiness for 12 years now.


President Mnangagwa spoke passionately about his venture into cattle farming, specifically a breed he got from Rwanda.

In yet another past video, Manyore speaks to a man who relocated from abroad in order to venture into farming.


Well, on Instagram, Manyore documents her daily activities at the farm. In one of the videos, she is seen churning Sadza (cooked maize meal) and later sitting down to enjoy the meal.

There are days she is at the tobacco farm donning an overall, and another time she is in the puddle. All in a day’s work.


There are photos of her in the church, and there are videos of her in interviews for content for her YouTube channel.

One salient thing about Manyore is that she is always bubbly and smiling, a testament to how much she enjoys her work.


What’s more, her elegance is simply enchanting. In fact, she is if you like, a fashionista.

There are also days she shows off her farm produce, including wheat, potatoes, butternuts, soybeans, livestock, and maize.


In a past interview, Manyore revealed that her school fees were paid using the proceeds from farming.

“I grew up on a farm. And even going to school, my school’s fees were paid through agricultural activity.”

She further revealed that both her parents were into farming, with her mother farming food crops and her father tobacco.


“Agriculture is the profession of all,” she said, emphasising the need for youths to venture into agribusiness instead of complaining of unemployment.

What is agribusiness?

Agribusiness is a term used to describe all the enterprises involved in producing food and cultivated products for consumer use.

Agribusiness encompasses creating products for consumption such as meat, vegetables, fruit, grains, and dairy.


Why is agribusiness important?

Some of the benefits of agribusiness include enhancing agricultural productivity and improving food security systems.

Agribusiness also creates sustainable food production, lowers food prices for consumers, and reduces poverty.


The majority of African nations rely heavily on agriculture as their main economic sector.

Sixty percent of people in Africa work in agriculture.

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wadzanai manyore

Most African farmers subscribe to subsistence farming, where there’s little produce left for trade.

Smallholder farmers, the bulk of whom own less than two hectares of land, only sell their produce when they are in dire need of cash.

Photos credit: Wadzanai Manyore/Instagram

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