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Is PropellerAds better than AdSense?


Is PropellerAds better than AdSense? Blogger Abdi Mahat makes an attempt to respond to this perplexing query posed by bloggers who want to monetize their websites.

While every publisher wishes to have AdSense as their ad network, the truth is that AdSense may not be as profitable as it seems.

Imagine that you have a blog that has a very high number of visitors in a country like India. About 30,000 people visit your site each day.

Yet at the end of the day, you find you have earned $3 through AdSense.

You’re fuming for the effort you have made to ensure the site has content that attracts visitors; I mean, the effort-to-reward ratio is nothing to write home about.

You don’t know what to do, and the thought of quitting blogging hits you.

But before you abandon your dream of making full-time earnings with AdSense, you go back and read, read, and read, hoping to get the magic wand.

Well, the reading, consulting, and everything else yield the same answer: your zone in India or Africa is not profitable.

The thing is, the traffic there is of low value and rarely converts, and therefore advertisers are unwilling to spend more on such zones as they would on lucrative zones of America and select European countries.

But while all may look lost, you still have a chance to earn a decent amount of money using PropellerAds, now Montag for publishers.

How much does PropellerAds pay per click?

One thing with propeller ads is that you can earn between $10 and $20 with those same 30,000 visitors.

One of the causes of this difference is the fact that AdSense is a CPC network, which means you earn only when your visitors click on your ads.

Now say you have 300 clicks at $0.01 per day, then you’ll earn a paltry $3.

On the other hand, with PropellerAds, you have several earning models, including CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.

This enables you to monetize all traffic, so every page shown to your visitor will have an ad running.

This is not the same case with AdSense, whose fill rate is sometimes low.

What’s more, with PropellerAds, you can withdraw your earnings as soon as you hit the $5 threshold.

This is unlike AdSense, which requires you to earn a minimum of $100 before you can make a withdrawal.

In the same vein, with PropellerAds, there are very few chances of getting banned.

This is unlike with AdSense, where some publishers have been banned under very controversial circumstances and, in the process, lost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

 Who fits PropellerAds the best?

PropellerAds is a great choice for bloggers and website owners that want to monetise their sites by displaying ads.

What’s more, you have every reason to try out PropellerAds if you have applied to and been declined by AdSense and other ad networks.

What sets PropellerAds apart from its rivals?

The 100% fill rate guarantee offered by Propeller Ads distinguishes it from its rivals.

The ad network also provides a number of unique solutions, including native advertisements and interstitial ads, which can help you more effectively monetise your traffic.

Similar to that, fair CPM rates vary by location.

PropellerAds serves mobile and desktop users.

Who might consider PropellerAds?

PropellerAds is appropriate for small- to medium-sized websites because it doesn’t employ huge traffic volumes as an entry barrier.

A sample propellerads payout. Photo/courtesy

PropellerAds: Are they worth it?

I can tell you that the answer is yes. If you have a website with a lot of traffic and content that people want to read or watch, PropellerAds can be very lucrative.

I know of people who make in excess of $100 per day with simple websites that generate a lot of traffic.

Thus, PropellerAds is a top option if your website receives a lot of local or international visitors.

As previously stated, the ad network offers some of the highest CPM rates in the sector, and you may generate a respectable income from the traffic to your website.

Even if your website doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, starting is still worthwhile.

In this case, as your traffic increases, so will your ad earnings.

How do publishers get paid via PropellerAds?

Publisher payments are made promptly by PropellerAds, with no delays.

Additionally, unlike some networks, your revenue won’t be taken from you.

You can get paid by Monetag (or PropellerAds for publishers) in the following five distinct ways:



Wire transfer


Webmoney Z


With PropellerAds, you can display advertisements on your website and get paid based on how much traffic the advertisements generate.

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The ad network makes it easy for blogs of any size to start making money.

Are you prepared to monetize your blog with PropellerAds? So, let’s start here.

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