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(Video) Zambian Politician Warns Against Electing Raila Odinga

A video of a Zambian politician speaking against Azimio la Umoja Alliance presidential aspirant Raila Odinga has gone viral online sparking outrage.

The politician, Fred M’membe claimed that the former Prime Minister was supported by international mining companies seeking to pitch camp in Africa.

Speaking during a conference dubbed, Mining for Change on Wednesday, July 22, the politician maintained that he had prove of the allegations he made.

He noted that sponsoring influential individuals, especially those in the political space, is not happening in Kenya alone.

“They are sponsoring puppets in all these Bantustan countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and  I can prove it. If anyone wants to challenge me, I am ready

“They are trying to sponsor puppets in Kenya in the coming elections. The foundation has gone there with some Zambians from State House, where they are supporting Odinga Raila,” M’membe said.

M’membe said the foundation was targeting individuals whom they feel they will allow them to continue micro-managing African countries if they win elections.

“It is because they have been governing for centuries directly and indirectly and now with the minerals in this region, we will see more trouble. There are armies behind that, they are coming

“They shift the profits to where it is not taxable or attract very little tax and have mastered how to creat echains of companies without any formal legal connection so you have nothing to tax,” he stated.

This is what Kenyans had to say about the claims.

Robbins Wa Angelo Jnr: Their impunity is international, that’s why they want to make Kenyans believe that they have no graft cases. They have taken their corruption international.

Sam Kimani: Fascinating, no wonder Africa will always be exploited because this people have studied biology and know how to identify invertebrates during General elections.

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Silah Mayaka: This one has seriously changed my mind. How comes such a person interfere with our political endeavours?

Hillary Ogolla: This cheap talk of “poorly kept secret” leaks out is only relevant during the political season can you please mention any third world country that its mineral isn’t under the control of Multi-Nationals. Even the Chaquata Mines in Chile are under foreigners.


ODM leader Raila Odinga PHOTO/TWITTER

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