Dennis Ombachi Stirs Reactions After ‘Throwing’ Toddler Son in Swimming Pool


A video of rugby player-cum-chef Dennis Ombachi throwing a baby inside a swimming pools has emerged online sparking mixed reactions.

Taking to Twitter, the chef shared a video showing him holding his toddler son by his leg and casually dipping him inside the pool.

The boy landed inside the pool splashing the water before he frantically fought to get his bearing and finally managing to turn over and swim on his back.

Captioning the video, Ombachi noted that his son had completed safety classes four weeks since he started and he is now water safe.

“4 weeks since we started water safety classes and my son graduated today, officially WATER SAFE! Last class, he gets to go in with 4 layers of clothing, including two diapers, more than doubling his weight in water. Proud father,” he wrote.

The video sparked reactions from netizens who slammed the chef for tossing the little boy inside the poll terming it hurtful.

@Jaduongmusa: Water is incompressible and does not squish like mattress or sponge when jump ‘on’ it. Personally I would find that impact very hurtful, needless to mention it was with the face. I feel the pain and trauma(maybe) the boy experienced.

@kiambu_princess: Throwing children in water is safe but it’s painful. Anyone that’s ever dived in water knows this the hard way. Either way not my child not my business do you.

@lillian_owinga: You must handle a child with some respect. That’s not how you teach a child to swim, throwing him like a dog? I wonder who gagged the mother of these children from talking. It’s disgusting!

@DoltBetty: Ombachi tossing his toddler into the water fully clothed has everyone HEATED. But you fools dont realize little kids fall into pools and ponds all the time and drown? 10/10 good parenting!

@BravinYuri: It’s not the kid getting into the water with clothes for me. It’s Ombachi having his clothes on as he does it. Clear confidence in the child that he got this. From Lifeguard experience, this is to see how the kid will handle the situation if s(he) falls in the pool in clothes.

@MasculineClass: This is an irresponsible act, its a swimming lesson and it can be done in a more humane way, kid might grow up having trauma and aquaphobia.

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Ombachi also attached a video of his Asian wife pushing into the pool their eight-month baby, who struggles for a moment before turning to face up and swim.

“Graduating as well was our 8 month old daughter, officially the only one who can’t swim in here,” he added.

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