Zima Stima Tulale, 9 Other Instructions Kenyan Men Obey Without Asking Questions

Kenyan women are notorious on social media for accusing Kenyan men of being unromantic and stubborn.

In fact, some of the women have posited that the reason they fall for the Nigerian men is because the latter are masters of chivalry.

But it seems the stubbornness might just be a matter of interests after all.

It has now emerged that there are specific instructions that Kenyan men follow without asking questions.

The thing is, the Kenyan man has his eyes trained on the prize. Notably, most of these commands seemed to be those that precede bedroom action.

A recent online debate uncovered ten instructions that the tenacious Kenyan men have no problem following to the letter.

1. Funga Mlango (close the door): Many said they don’t waste a second whenever their girlfriends utter the instruction.

2. Funga curtain (draw the curtains): This is another command that many men admitted to following without question.

3. Kuja niko home (come, I am at home): This is always an indication of things looking good. If you know, you know.

4. Kuja niko hapa stage nimefika (I have arrived): At this stage, a Kenyan man will know that things are aligning and it’s just a matter of minutes or hours.

5. Ongeza volume (turn up the radio): Well, the match is about to begin, and it’s going to be lit!


6. Zima stima tulale (switch off lights): Is there a more assuring phrase that the Twa Twa game is about to start?

7. Don’t stop: Now be certain a Kenyan man will obey this wholeheartedly.

8. Ongea na mtu wa nduthi (talk to the motorbike guy): This is always a sign of good tidings that things are on course as envisioned.

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9. Nimekumiss, utacome? (I’ve missed you. Will you come?) The son of Pharaoh won’t turn down such an offer. Trust me.

10. Tuma fare nimekumiss (I’ve missed you…please send me a fare so I can come over).This works occasionally, but men have lost thousands of shillings to online “thirst traps” in the past.

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