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Today in history: 4 memorable events that took place on January 23

1. 2008: Congo peace deal

On this day in 2008, following arrangements with the UN a peace deal was intended to end the Kivu conflict in DRC that had begun in 2004.  Armed conflict between government military and Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda within Congo boarders under lieutenant Nkunda.

The peace deal was signed creating an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of rebels to north Kivu province as well as resettlement of refugees.

2.1942: Novi Sad, Serbia massacre 

During the Second World War, 1200 people who were predominantly Jewish were rounded up. On this day in 1942, these people were shot at the shores of Danube and their bodies disposed into the frozen waters.

Participants of the genocide including Hungarian gendarmerie officer, Sandor Kepiro were convicted for the crime and jailed for 10 years.

3.1950: Jerusalem declared capital of Israel

Following a vote of 60-2, the Knesset declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. During the vote Herut and Mapam abstained from parliamentary voting. Herut had proposed that amendments be made to the bill to include Old city which had been occupied by Transjordan


4.1998: Papua New Guinea Peace Deal

Following 10 years of civil conflict a permanent and irrevocable ceasefire is signed ending the civil war. Bougainville rebels had been fighting for independence and control of mines. It is estimated that during the conflict 10,000 people lost their lives, 5,000 fled to Solomon Island and 67,000 left as refugees.

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