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This one thing could ruin DP Ruto’s chances of winning 2022 poll

Editor’s Note: Weldon Kipng’etich. Weldon, a self-styled political analyst shares his reasons why Deputy President William Ruto should drop some of ‘fake’ staunch supporters.

Months to 2013 poll, over 40 Members of Parliament mainly drawn from Mt Kenya region and led by Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki and Rachel Shebesh demanded that Uhuru must contest for presidency.

To the MPs, there was no way, Uhuru was going to support Musalia Mudavadi for the top seat yet he could go for it on his own.

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The MPs reaction was triggered by rumours that the ICC case was weighing down on Uhuru and he was contemplating to back Mudavadi for the top seat.

The MPs gave Uhuru an ultimatum; that he had no choice but to contest. And the threat was captured on camera.

The warning read by Mbiuki in thick Tharaka accents was that: ” Or ronds wirri rind to Mbondo (all roads will lead to Bondo)” if Uhuru backed the ‘undeserving’ Mudavadi.

Uhuru could not imagine his people voting for his political arch-nemesis of the time Raila Odinga.

With that pronouncement, Uhuru “woke up” and he stopped toying with the idea forthwith.

What is the essence of the above point?

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Fate has endowed Uhuru with loyal destiny helpers, the kind who are ready to sacrifice everything and anything to ensure he achieves his dream.

This could partly be explained by the fact that Uhuru has deep pockets, is generous to a fault and handsomely rewards his friends.

Granted, whether bought or genuinely loyal, Deputy President William Ruto has been very loyal to his boss since their election in 2013.

To say the least, Ruto has supported Uhuru from the desert to the oasis.

When Chief Justice David Maraga nullified Uhuru’s win in 2017, Ruto stood with Uhuru like a brother.

At that hour of need, Ruto came out strong to support his boss at a time he could have easily switched allegiance and set up Uhuru for a proper walloping by the opposition.

In 2022, Ruto will be going for the presidency but his team is wanting.

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If Ruto fails to clinch the presidency in 2022, he’ll fail because he has refused to learn from Raila who has always surrounded himself with highly excitable charlatans who know very little about strategy to take power.

In short, Ruto needs to trim his current team so that he has bright people like Professor Kindiki Kithure formulating and leading his winning strategy.

The imposters may popular with the crowds but beyond that, they have no imagination on how to mobilise support and to ensure the DP ultimately wins the poll.

Having Ndindi Nyoro, Dennis itumbi and Kipchumba Murkomen yelling on Facebook and Twitter may excite Tanga Tanga followers but the demanding task of formulating a winning requires solid planning and execution.

In the same vein, Kimani Ichungwa’s “out of touch with common man’s” demeanour may not augur well for the hustlers’ brand.

Notably, most of the politicians surrounding the DP appear all too hungry and eager to make hay while the sun shines. These are the kind that could easily stash away any campaign resources entrusted to them.

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Anybody who surrounds themselves with self-seekers sets himself for failure. And that has been Raila’s fate.

All through, Hassan Joho, Anyang Nyong’o and James Orengos of ODM have never believed in Agwambo’s presidential dream.

They chant and act as if they care about Raila’s presidential dream while in real sense they are chasing their personal ambitions.

If Ruto wants to win, he must disengage himself from self-seekers and surround him with people who genuinely want to assist him to win the presidency.

As things stand, DP Ruto is still the candidate to beat in 2022. And with good planning and execution, the DP could easily thrash the dynasty’s candidate at 10 am!

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