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Sultan Qaboos Bin Said: Father of modern day Oman dies aged 79

There is no doubt that the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said of Oman was a popular leader loved by his countrymen.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence and encouragement to the people of the Sultanate of Oman following the death of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said.

Sultan Qaboos rose to power after he deposed his father from leadership in a bloodless coupe.

He went on to create a new development path that has seen Oman grow into a wealthy oil producing nation.

Qaboos who ruled for 50 years remains the longest serving leader of Oman, and the go-through mediator between Iran and United States.

He fits the title of a traditional, culturally upright absolute monarch leader who changed how people viewed Oman.

There are several other interesting things that made Qaboos the modern day leader that he was that include;

  1. Overthrew his own father

In July of 1970, Qaboos, bin Said, at the age of 28 years had returned home from his studies at united Kingdom’s Royal Military Academy.

 His father put him under house arrest as he made open his intention for change.

 Qaboos was not happy with the fact the country continued to sink in poverty despite the rising revenues from oil.

With the help of the British, Qaboos overthrew his father who was the leader of Muscat and Oman in a place coupe. There were reports that Sultan Said bin Taimur, his father, suffered a minor bullet wound and received medical care from Bahrain.

Following the coup, Qaboos stated on Oman broadcasting network that:

“I, have watched with growing dismay and increasing anger the inability of my father to use the new‐found wealth of this country for the needs of its people. That is why I have taken control.”

He went ahead to promise a future for his country, modernization of the economy and working with others to make the country great again.

“And with God’s help, if we work together to re‐create our nation, we shall once again take our rightful place in the Arab world.”

2. Best Moments

Qaboos was among the most loved leaders in Arab world. In April 2019, he returned from Germany for a medical check up. citizens of Oman lined up the streets to welcome his Majesty.

His policies and modernity made him a loved and respected leader.

In Oman, the country has women’s day, something unfamiliar in Arab world. Omani Women’s day celebrates sultanate’s inspirational women that range from teachers to bankers, all who contribute to the nation building.

As a result,he has hosted many leaders from across the world, including the prince of Wales.

Canadians will also remember him for helping free hostages from Iran including Dr Homa Hoodfar who had been detained by Iranian government for three months.

3. Human rights award

Sultan Qaboos has over the years been awarded numerous different humanitarian awards for his efforts. Some of these include the UNESCO Environmental Conservation award in 1992, Arab Human Rights Award 2016 by the Arab-European Center of Human Rights following his protection and support of rights both in oman and in teh middle east region.

4. He left no apparent heir

Qaboos was unmarried and had no children or brothers.

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