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Peter Drury reveals what makes him great football commentator

Renowned football commentator Peter Drury on Monday, May 4 explained secret behind his success in football commentary.

During an interview on K24 TV, Drury attributed his greatness in football commentary to originality as he asked upcoming football commentators to consider authenticity in their commentary.

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“To be authentic, that is really the important thing. Be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else, do not mimic someone else. Just be who you are. Have the humility to listen and learn from other people but have the confidence in yourself to execute the job the best way you can. Always remember people do not tune in for the commentator but for the match,” he advised.

He also said that match preparation is also important revealing that it takes him an average of a day to check on facts and statistics of players from both teams.

Drury who is notorious for his ability to spin magic with his words during football matches said the words come from instincts and not scripted as many may think.

“Those words really come from instincts. Once a game kicks off you can’t write what’s going to happen, you simply have to react to what does happen. You have to go with the flow and trust in your instincts.

There is really a danger in trying to script a moment, because the chances are the moments you script won’t absolutely dovetail with what really occurs and you gonna end up looking silly,” he added.

Druly who is arguably the best poetic commentator of all times says his choice of words is not premeditated.
Here are some of Druly’s quotes during the 2018 world Cup:

“Colombia’s kaleidoscope of charismatic class, meets new England; modern, fresh and free.” “Kane with the eyes of an eagle and the feet of a ballerina.” “Pickford exhales and England breath again.”

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“Spain on the plane, or Spain in the Russian rain” “You’ve heard of ‘SharapOVA’ You’ve heard of ‘KornokOVA’ Now,it’s all OVER.” For Spain, it’s pain“Pique climbed high,Dzyuba climbed higher & Russia as a nation rose highest.”

“1:00 o’clock in Bogotá, 7:00 o’clock in London, it is another time-stand-still moment for two of the most passionate football nations on the planet. Colombia’s kaleidoscope of charismatic class, meets new England: Modern, fresh and free.”

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