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Nimuue kwa kazi gani? Omar Lali recounts last moments with late Tecra Muigai

Omar Lali, boyfriend of the late Tecra Muigai has finally broken his silence following the death of the Keroche Breweries heiress.

According to Lali who is now at the centre of investigations into Tecra’s death, the couple met in June 2019 at Peponi Restaurant where he was having a reunion with one of his five daughters who lives in the UK.

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“We were just having a good time and catching up. I hadn’t seen my daughter for long so on that day, we had a family reunion,” Lali told The Standard.

On that same night, Lali narrated that he spotted Tecra sitting with a friend at the end of the restaurant’s swimming pool and later on that night got in touch with her an interaction that led to 10-month romantic relationship.

Fast forward to April 23, Lali said that they woke up at 2pm, had lunch and thereafter left to do different things. Omar went to spend time with his youngest daughter while Tecra went for Yoga session.

“We woke up late that day. We ate our lunch at around 2pm then we each went on to do different things,” he recalled.

They met later on in the evening at around 6pm at Jaha House where they had been staying for weeks. Lali revealed that there was something festive about Tecra that day and this is where they ordered drinks to mark their ‘celebration’.

“I ordered five litres of madafu and she ordered three bottles of vodka. We had litres of passion juice as well,” Lali said.

At around 1am, Lali said he retired to bed. He later heard a loud thud then a single scream, he looked where Tecra was sleeping but she wasn’t there.

He then quickly ran towards the stairs where he saw Tecra down on the floor.

“I was on antibiotics so I didn’t drink as much. I stretched out on a nearby couch and dozed off,” he said.

“I heard a loud thud and then a single scream. I looked towards where Tecra was sleeping and she wasn’t there. I looked towards the staircase and saw her at the bottom of the stairs,” he added. “I tried to do basic first aid by fanning her and trying to resuscitate her. She told me that she was in pain. That her head and limbs hurt.”

Lali called his brother and they took Tecra to a nearby Shela Dispensary where she was put on a drip and given an injection.

The doctor who attended to the Tecra recommended a CT scan and because the dispensary did not have the capacity to run a CT scan, she needed a transfer.

Lali, his brother and brother-in-law got a speed boat for the and transferred Tecra to King Fahd County Referral Hospital and admitted upon arrival.

By the time the CT scan results came in, it was around 4pm, close to 10 hours after her admission into the hospital.

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Lali says he was convinced that they needed to change hospitals. So he called Tecra’s mother.

“But my heart was not for the hospital. I felt like they were not giving her the treatment she required. She was not improving much,” he said.

10:30pm that night, an Amref Air Rescue Ambulance landed at Magogoni on the Manda Bay Airbase and in an hour’s time, Tecra was in Nairobi’s Nairobi Hospital for further treatment. Lali was by her side through the flight.

More scans were done and the doctors noted that she was improving.

Lali was hosted at the Karanja family home in Nairobi for two days. On the third day, he was moved to a hotel and on the fourth, he was put in a car and driven to Lamu by policemen. Upon arrival he was informed that Tecra had died.

“Once I got to Lamu they told me she had died,” he said.

Lali further said that security officers have been reaching out to his family members with an intention of making Lali confess to have punched the deceased.

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“They told my brother to tell me to confess to punching her…and that once I accept this as a formality they will help me get out of jail. Mimi nimpige kwa kazi gani, nimuue kwa kazi gani? Watu hawawezi kukubali ajali za mwenyezi mungu. I am suffering without her,” he asserted.

He also said he doesn’t care much about the rumours that have been going around about them on social media.

“Mwenyezi mungu anaijua roho yangu. “Anajua tulivyoishi. Mengine yote ni urongo mtupu.”

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