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MPs Millie Odhiambo, Susan Kihika clash during live TV interview

Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange was left speechless during an interview with Suba North Member Of Parliament Millicent Odhiambo and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika after the two conflicted.

The topic on the show was concerning political issues and Odhiambo who supports ODM together with an ally of Ruto Kihika were tasked to discuss on it.

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According to Kihiki, all allies of Ruto had concluded and agreed that it is Ruto who should become the next Kenyan president.

She further provoked Odhiambo after stating that the Kieleweke team had not made a firm decision on choosing their 2022 presidential candidate.

“On our side, it’s William Ruto. On their side we don’t know because they go to Vihiga, they are singing Mudavadi, they go to Kabarak, they are singing Gideon, they go to Kalonzo Musyoka’s place, they are saying it is Kalonzo, every other day it’s somebody else based on where the funeral is,” Kihika stated.

Angry Odhiambo rejoindered that they had fronted ODM part leader Raila Odinga as the one to lead the country 2022.

Dumbfounded Koinange just watched the two exchange words in a heated conversation on who is more loyal to their leaders.

“We don’t hate William Ruto, we may not like what he espouses as a person but should William Ruto and Raila Odinga decide that they are having a handshake and are coming on an agenda that is sensible to us we will work with them,” Odhiambo stated.

They even talked about the incident in Burma market where Raila was shouted on by youths.

Odhiambo argued that apart from that incident Raila has been cheered in many areas.

“They can talk about all that they are talking, their handshakes or this or that but the people of Kenya will ultimately decide and the reason we hold our heads high is because we see it, like the booing in Burma,” Kihika said before she was quickly interrupted by Odhiambo.

“There is no big issue about booing. They can boo in Burma and someone can go elsewhere and he will be booed. He was not booed, that was your corner, he was cheered,” she stated.

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