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Man gets overpaid by mistake, but honesty earns him pay rise

For most people, the bills normally exceed the income. Little wonder, it’s not uncommon to find people soliciting for bribes or engaging in side hustles in a bid to make ends meet.

However, one man who goes by the name Henry Terry on Twitter has shared an inspirational story of how his honesty saw him enjoy a salary raise.

It goes Terry who works with an electronic appliances company in Nigeria noticed he had been overpaid.

He reached out to his employers in a bid to have them correct the anomaly. However, it turned out they were only testing his honesty.

And for passing the test, the amount was declared his new salary.

” My January salary was overpaid. I wrote to my employers about the anomaly. Today, they informed me it was a test of my integrity and because I passed the test, it ll be my new salary monthly,” said Terry.

The tweet elicited mixed reactions with a number of netizens wondering if they could have displayed the same integrity if they had been exposed to the same predicament.

Some however applauded the man for his honesty tapping into the wisdom of the old adage: honesty pays.

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