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Malawi: Fascinating facts about one of the safest countries in Africa

Malawi is a small landlocked country in southeast Africa. It is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the northeast, and Mozambique on the east, south and west.

Known as, ‘the warm heart of Africa’, this country in the southern region of the continent is a top destination.

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It’s known for its stunning lake and its friendly people. The wildlife experience here is quieter and more remote than the more famous National Parks in Africa

Danish beer

In 1968, Malawi became the only country outside of Denmark to have a factory for brewing Carlsberg beer.

Every bar and lodge you visit in Malawi will have a cold beer waiting for you.

Calendar Lake

Also known as Calendar Lake, Lake Malawi is very interesting due to its likeness to the yearly calendar.

The lake is 365 miles long, 52 miles at its widest point and there are 12 main rivers flowing into the lake, hence the name Calendar Lake.

Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest and the ninth largest in the world, a huge, empty expanse that borders with Mozambique and Tanzania.

Elephant translocation

In July 2016, Malawi underwent part 1 of the world’s biggest elephant translocation.

In total 500 elephants are being moved from two of Malawi’s National Parks; Majete and Liwonde, to Nkhotakota.

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The remaining 250 elephants will be transferred from Majete to Nkhotakota for part 2 of the translocation.

Part 1 of the translocation saw Prince Harry visit Liwonde and assist African Parks with relocating the first half of the elephants.


Malawi is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. Many countries in the continent have a reputation for violence and crime and a lot of people are afraid of travelling, especially solo.

The country is also known as “Warm Heart of Africa” because of the friendly and hospitable nature of the people here.


Inmates and guards of Zomba prison were nominated for a Grammy in 2016.

This was the countries first Grammy nomination. Alas, they did not win however it put Malawi music on the map.

Chambo fish

The Chambo fish is one of Malawi’s favorite delicacies.

This fish is only found in Malawi and is an endangered species as a result of over fishing and climate change.

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Little Five

The wildlife of Malawi is quite impressive. While most of the people focus on The Big Five, it is The Little Five in the country which will charm you.

These are the Elephant Shrew, the Buffalo Weaver, the Leopard Tortoise, the Ant Lion and the Rhino Beetle.

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