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Lake Hillier: The pink lake in Australia – VIDEO

Lake Hillier is a small and surreal lake located in Australia and situated near the coast of Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago.

The beautiful and famous lake for its pink colour was discovered in 1802 by a Royal Navy explorer Matthew Flinders.

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The exact reason why the lake has its distinctive bubblegum or strawberry milkshake colour is yet to be identified but according to scientists, it’s high salinity combined with microalgae Dunaliella salina algae and halobacteria produces the colours.

Lake Hillier. Photo courtesy

Scientists report indicated that the salt-loving photosynthetic microorganisms produce energy by using other parts of the visible light spectrum except in red and orange frequencies.

It is said the Lake Hillier’s Dunaliella salina can bear very high salt concentrations as from 0.2% to as much as 35%.

The microalgae the generates the carotenoid pigments, beta-carotene which is thought of being responsible for the pink colour of the lake.

People are also allowed to swim in the lake as it is safe and clear and would not cause any harm to the skin.

The officials site has, however discouraged drinking of the hypersaline water.

Apart from Lake Hillier, there are more pink lakes in the world.

Among them is the famous, Lake Retba located on the coast of Senegal.

Lake Retba was the finish line for the Dakar Rally road race and is frequently used to harvest salt by local villagers.

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Retba’s color is especially evident during the dry season (between November and June) and less obvious during the rainy seasons.

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