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Julie Gichuru shares hilarious conversation with daughter

Popular personality Julie Gichuru has recently left her fans in stitches after sharing a phone conversation with her daughter Njeri who lives far from her

Just like any other dramatic African mother, Gichuru went ahead and asked Njeri if she was her real daughter or just “a figment of my imagination”.

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Gichuru generally wanted her daughter to note how much she missed her by using an innocent and sarcastic tone.

To her shock her daughter replied to her telling that she is so dramatic.

“Mama, What are you going to do when I go to Uni, Are you going to cry? You’ll cry?” Njeri posed.

The cute mum appeared to be dump knowing that it is true she is dramatic.

She stated that she had know one to report Njeri to adding that her son’s never talk to her in that manner

Lucki the two got a chance to meet and the excited mother shared a cute video embracing Njeri.

In a previous report by, Gichuru was left dumbfounded after her son sent her a message on what using a language she could not understand.

“Yo mumzy, I’m Trina call a babe could you send me some credo yea,” he wrote.

The mother was confused and had to ask her son to repeat the same sentence but in a more understandable language.

“No. No. Speak properly. I don’t understand,” replied Julie.

The young one then replied back using a language that his mother understood.

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“Hello madam, kindly can you send me some credit to call a female friend of mine. Thanks and love you,” the youngster replied.

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