Judith Lang’at: Meet Mutahi Ngunyi Kalenjin wife


Judith who grew up in the US holds a Ph.D in Literature with specialty in Womanism and Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Outspoken political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi may have “something” against Deputy President William Ruto politically, but unknown to many, he married a girl from Ruto’s Kalenjin community.

Ngunyi is married to Dr Judith Lang’at Mutahi, whom he met during a wedding in Nairobi.

In a past interview, Mutahi said that he was playing the piano at a friend’s wedding at Citam Church along Valley Road when he first saw Judith, who was also playing the piano for a girl who was performing for the newlyweds.

They interacted, and because they were playing different styles, Judith asked Mutahi to compare their notes, and according to the political analyst, that was the only moment to get to know her better.

“I grabbed the chance and I gave her my number, which was a landline number of a booth near our home,” Mutahi revealed in a past interview.

They got close, started talking regularly, and they would set days and times when Mutahi, who was 28 years old at the time, would be at the telephone booth for a call.


Judith Mutahi with one of her former students at KU. Photo/courtesy

As the days went by, they got into a relationship, went on several dates, and later got married.

Together, they own “The Consulting House” company, which at one time was paid KSh 90 million for the restructuring of NYS.

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Judith, who grew up in the US, holds a Ph.D. in literature with a specialty in Womanism and Post-Apartheid South Africa. She is also director of their Fort Hall School of Government.

Mutahi and Judith have three daughters, all educated abroad. Two are lawyers, and the other is an economist.

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