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Iraq: Baby born with 3 penises makes medical history

A baby boy in Iraq born with three penises in a rear medical condition becomes first in history.

The three-month-old was rushed to hospital by his parents after they noticed a swelling at the baby’s scrotum and a ‘skin projection’.

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Doctors who did several tests at the baby ascertained that he had two or more penises growing out near the root of his primary penis and another under the scrotum.

The one attached under the root of the penis was about 2cm in length and the one under the scrotum was about 1cm in length.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” wrote Dr Shakir Saleem Jabali in a study on the treble-membered tyke published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

The anomaly left doctors surprised after further examination and learning that the baby hard not been exposed to any drugs in the womb and also his family has no history of genetic anomaly.

A report further indicated that the extra penises lacked urethra and were removed through surgery.

Doctors reported that one in every five to six million boys are born with extra penises, with around 100 cases of diphallia extra penises recorded worldwide.

“Triphallia (three penises) is an unreported condition in a human until now,” Doctors Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmad Mohammed said in the report.

“Patients with supernumerary penises have unique presentation and no cases are identical.”

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This, is considered the first case of Triphallia.

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