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How to renew driving license in Kenya

Qualified drivers in Kenya will always be granted a driving license which allows them to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road. The driving license is a mandatory requirement to all drivers.

A driver is not permitted to hold more than one driving license, only the license can certify the holder to drive one or more classes of motor vehicles.

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The Costs

For a three-year license you will pay KSh1400 and KSh 50 convenience fee.

For a one-year license you will pay KSh600 and KSh50 convenientce fee.

Once you are done with the application, you are accessed to a renewal slip which you have to print.

In 2018, the NTSA gave convenience driving licenses to improve the records kept on drivers. Some of the things encompassed for the computerized driving license are;

  • ID Number

Also, It will contain information about the driver and a record of their traffic violations.

It’s even now simpler since NTSA has developed a mobile app, which allows you to enquire about;

  • The situation with your vehicle
  • The situation with your driving permit
  • To check your street administration and permitting status
  • The situation with your Sacco permit
  • The situation with the PSV authorizing
  • To discover the situation with your vehicle’s night travel permit

Aside from NTSA renewals offered by e-citizen, here are other services offered on the platform;


  • NTSA New Driving license. This gives you the power to drive an engine vehicle of any class on Kenyan roads.
  • Provisional driving license. This will be given to you when you need to go through preparing for driving.
  • Driving test endorsement. This empowers you to drive different classes of vehicles other than the one you are driving.
  • Duplicate driving license. At the point when your driving permit is taken, lost, harmed, or destroyed, you are needed to apply for a substitution.


The primary functions of the National Transport Safety Authority as illustrated in Section 4 of NTSA Act are;

  • Offers guidance and makes suggestions identifying road transport and safety issues.
  • Carries out approaches relating to road transport and safety.
  • Liable for arranging, overseeing, and directing the road transport area with the arrangements of the Act.
  • Finally, it gives protected, dependable, and productive road transport administration.

You will always be granted a driving license once you meet the following conditions. You will be given a license if;

  • You have excelled in the driving examination and you can drive that class of engine vehicle and that you hold a certificate of competence.
  • You are the holder of a substantial driving permit for that class of engine vehicle conceded by a qualified council in a nation of the commonwealth.
  • You have procured a global driving license.
  • When you declare that you are not experiencing any such illness or handicap which would result cause a road accident while you are driving.
  • You can read with glasses whenever worn, an engine vehicle’s ID plates that are 25 meters away. Note that, a visually impaired person isn’t permitted to have a driving license.

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How To Renew Driving License Online using eCitizen and M-PESA?

  1. Sign in to the e-citizen website. You will be needed to give your email address or your Nation ID Number and passcode to get to the online portal. If it’s your first time signing in, you should make an account.
  2. After, you have signed in, select the National Transport and Safety Authority tab for the driving license renewal request.
  3. At that point click on submit application choice and select driving licenses.
  4. You can either pick a one-year or three years driving license to renew.
  5. It is essential to affirm the details the of application. For one year driving licensee, the renewal will cost you KES 600 while a three-year driving permit will cost you KES 1,400 with an extra charge of KES 50.
  6. Double-check the data you have given and if you have entered the whole data on the necessary fields.
  7. In the wake of reexamining the information and you are fulfilled that the data you have given is precise, click submit.
  8. You need to pick the payment method for your driving license renewal. You can utilize adaptable cash services like M-Pesa to recharge your driver’s permit.
  9. After you have paid and presented an effective application, you can print the NTSA renewal driving license slip.

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