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Hilarious things side chicks tell men

Being a side chick is not as easy it may look.

However, some, who have mastered the art of playing mind tricks with your man always manage through.

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Here are some of the things they tell your man in order to win him forever.

Get me pregnant

Side chicks would always want to get pregnant for you so that she can keep you.

Some men have fallen victim of this trick and were forced to welcome second wives into their lives.

Men, it’s high time you know this trick to avoid falling into the trap.

Marry me a your second wife.

If the side chick was unsuccessful in seducing your man into impregnating her, she would always try new and fresh methods.

She would start pressuring you man to marry her as second wife.

According to her, polygamy is legal and accepted in the society.

Abandon your family for me

Some side chicks are bold enough to demand the man to leave his wife and children and go stay with her.

The side chick’s mind is programmed that after sleeping with a married man then he will eventually not want back to his family.

Men, once break up with that side chick immediately she starts asking you to leave you family.

You love me more than your wife

Side chicks always come into a conclusion that you man loves them so much than you because most of the time he’s with her than you.

She will always keep telling your man this while fixed in her mind that it’s a fact.

What she doesn’t know is that your man is always with her since she’s too available.

I am waiting for you to make me the main chick

Side chicks would always want to turn tables and graduate from a side chick to a main chick.

Most of them don’t know the man is only there for fun and nothing beyond that.

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She will keep insisting to be your main chick and even promise to be calm for she is sure it will happen one day.

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