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Hilarious audio tape of Somali man who cornered ‘Kamiti’ conmen goes viral

Many people have complained of falling victim to conmen who demand money to treat kin involved in an accident or facilitation fee for containers.

But the conmen, who over time have been nicknamed ‘Kamiti conmen’ due to suspicion they operate from Kamiti Maximum Prison met their match in a Nairobi man thought to be of Somali extraction, if his accent is anything to go by

In the undated audio tape which has since gone viral, the conmen, one posing as a teacher and the other a medical doctor, are heard asking the man to send KSh 10K for operation of son who suffered fracture while playing with friends.

‘Dr Patrick’ even goes to the length of explaining the details of the fracture using technical terms in a bid to coax his target into buying their shaggy dog tale.

“Your son has a compound fracture and he’s in great pain. Right now, I have injected him with a strong pain killer. He needs 14K so he can undergo operation. The teacher has already paid 3K,” says one of the conmen.

But the man who is well aware of the ploy promptly replies:

“ Just ask the teacher to give you the 10K and I will refund him later. Or is the teacher near a Western Union outlet..or still I could wire the money to his account,” says the man.

But the ‘doctor’ is persistent and asks the man to send the money to the teacher through Mpesa as the other channels would waste time.

Eventually, the man gets impatient and hilariously asks the doctor on the other end to amputate the other leg so the two can be of the same size.

“ Mkate hata mguu wa kushoto ndio itoshane iwe ya size moja” (Just amputate the other leg so the two legs are of the same size).

Here is the hilarious tape which has since gone viral:

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