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Head teacher whips fake parent picked from streets by suspended student (video)

A head teacher in Tanzania made headlines after publicly caning a man who impersonated a suspended student’s parent.

According to the tough-talking teacher, he sent the student to bring his parent after making a mistake, but he instead hired a ‘street parent’ and brought him to the school.

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“So I sent this boy to go and bring his parent and he has gone to pick someone in the streets and brought him here,” said the teacher.

The teacher explained that the student’s issue needed his parents involvement.

“This student has challenges which we need to solve with the help of his parent. But this child is stupid, he brings us this man and tells us he is his mother’s husband,” he added.

The head teacher then warned that if he reports the matter to the police, the man will be jailed for at least six years, and to avoid that he instructed the man to lie down for six strokes of the cane.

“If I involve the police, this man will be jailed for six years for impersonation. Let’s not go that way. Rather, I’m gonna hand him six strokes of the cane,” he said.

The man obliged and received six proper strokes.

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Here’s the video

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