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Dynasty candidate in 2022? I’d rather vote DP Ruto – David Ndii

Economist and public intellectual David Ndii has once again cited reasons why he thinks voting Deputy President William Ruto is a better option than electing a ‘dynasty’ candidate.


Writing on his Twitter handle, Ndii said while it was urgent to send home the current crop of top politicians to pave way for a fresh start, having a ‘dynasty’ candidate win 2022 presidential poll will see the latter tighten their stranglehold over the country. 

“Let me be clear. The imperative for progressive forces is to send both Ruto and the dynasties home,” he said.

But presented with Ruto versus a dynasty candidate, Ndii said he would vote Ruto as he reasoned there was at least a “a fighting chance.”

“But if God forbid we must suffer one evil let us suffer Ruto—him we have a fighting chance. If we don’t uproot the dynasties in 2022, they will enslave up to our grand children.”

In the Twitter thread, the economist said dynasties have had four decades of entrenching themselves unlike Ruto who was not yet established.

“I said we have a fighting chance of stopping him. With the established ones, its a fait accompli. They had 40 years one party state dictatorship to entrench themselves. He doesn’t. Its a different era.”

Ndii, a former Raila staunch supporter turned critic has since publicly stated he would be more at home with DP Ruto’s presidency as opposed to a ‘dynasty’ person.

Dynasty is a reference used on politicians thought to be riding on their family names in a bid to succeed Uhuru in 2022.

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