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Dragon’s Breath: Inside world’s largest underground lake

Located in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia, Dragon’s Breath was discovered in 1986 and named for the moist air rising from its entrance.

Reports on the internet showed that the cave contains the world largest non-subglacial underground lake with an area estimated at 2 hectares.

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According to the International Association of Nitrox & Technical Divers, the first passage is a rocky slope downwards for approximately 16 feet which ends in a small choke.

Beyond the choke is a vertical drop of 22 feet onto a ledge.

Another drop of 39 feet from there would have taken them to another ledge, with the last drop of 120 feet opening into a massive underground lake.

The lake is so large that divers have only been able to chart its depths to 430 feet.

The waters of the cave, where no light penetrates its surface is home to the rare cavefish, the golden catfish living in the isolated underground lake.

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Like most cavefish, the golden catfish has small eyes, poor hearing, and very little color appearing almost white having adapted to the extreme darkness.

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