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David Ndii says men should cook for their wives in marriage

Economist and political strategist David Ndii disclosed that he cooks more often than his wife Mwende Gatabaki and advised young men to copy him.

According to Ndii, the tradition of mistreating and mishandling women should cease.

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He blatantly said that people should understand this is a new era of modern things with educated women who need not to be converted to house helps .

He took it to his Twitter account where he shared his opinion saying that it is a high time that women should be supported and given the respect they deserve.

David Ndii’s wife Mwende Gatabaki | photo courtesy

“Who is lying to young men that toxic masculinity is an African cultural badge of honour? If you expect you can date a career woman, marry and next day you’ll be putting your feet up as she keeps house, you are delusional,” he stated.

He further gave out an example of his grandfather and his dad who used to cook for the family and never treated their partners as house helps.

“Even my mother who is close to 80, let alone my wife, was never a housekeeper. My father cooked. My grandfather cooked. Idiots, go to the village or ask your aunties to find a class 8 graduate bimbo you can impress with your mtumba toyota,” he added.

His tweet brought out a heated debated with different users agreeing with him while others disagreed.

Lecturer Wandia Njoya: “The “housewife” model came from colonial education. They were educating girls to become suitable wives for the African men graduating from European schools,” .

Nebert Kiguhe : “Aren’t you imposing your normal on others who have divergent approach?”

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