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5 signs of attention seekers

Everyone has a character that they exhibit on a daily basis.

One of such characters is attention seeking which is seen as a source of gratification and positive reinforcement.

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This makes one exaggerate a situation in order to gain sympathy or someone time.

It’s very unlikely to modify such a behavior after they haver resulted to a level of misfortune altering your positive experience.

Here are top signs that your are an attention seeker.

Always playing the victim.

This types like flaunting their imaginary personal challenges or problems to their relative or online friends whom they barely know just to win over sympathy from them.

This people will wait for more and more comments and then dismiss the statement saying it wasn’t meant for everyone.

They would then explain themselves after receiving thousands of messages.

Nice to everyone

If you have habit of acting nice to everyone you meet for the fast time then you are an attention seeker.

Attention seekers just pretend being okay with socializing with new friends but actually they are aiming at winning full attention at themselves.

That friendship will not even last for a week.

Loves arguing

Attention seekers will always do anything just to get what they want.

Especially if it’s an argument, attention seekers wants it prolonged, or would just cause an argument for no apparent reason just to win the attention of the other party.

All they want is the attention, it doesn’t matter of the argument is positive or negative.

Flaunts new look

Attention will always update their social media feeds after purchasing anything new, may it be a show, clothe or anything.

When they visit new and expensive restaurants they would always take snaps to share on their statuses.

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They are important

Everyone feels important but attention seekers feel extra more important.

They would cut you off if you miss being there for them if they are in hardship or happiness, all they want is you to share the moments with them.

They want you to feel the the pleasure or the pain, that is if the get a new and nice friend and the vice versa, a break up!

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