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10 things in your home that can give you cancer

There is no one single known cause for cancer. However, scientists believe that it is the combination of many factors together that produces cancer.

The factors involved may be genetic, environmental, or constitutional characteristics of the individual.

The following innocent-looking household items could contribute to your cancer risk.

1. Fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, a known carcinogen. The bulbs also emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation and if the protective layer wears out then dangerous levels of UVA or UVB radiation can escape and probably cause you to have skin cancer.

2. Leather furniture

Most leather furniture contains a carcinogen known as Chromium.

Before purchasing leather furniture ensure they are chromium-free or you may be inviting a killer disease in your house.

3.Your food

There are types of food one needs to keep away from.

These are foods with different types of carcinogens.

These types of foods include bottled beverages, grilled red meat, processed meats, microwaved popcorn, farmed fish among others.

Cut such foods from your diet and reduce your risk of getting cancer.

4.Plastic bottles or containers

Many plastic products are made from chemicals and when you feed from such utensils you consume some of the chemicals which over time accumulate in your body and could cause cancer.

5.Air fresheners

People using air fresheners daily could risk getting throat or nose cancers.

This is because the fumes emitted are more dangerous than those emitted from a cigarette.

Natural disinfectants like tea tree and pine vital oils are an alternative air freshener.


Women using shampoo to wash their hair daily are at the risk of getting cancer.

This is because these products are made with methylchloroisothiazolinone a chemical that can cause mutation of cells.

7. Cleaning products

Although these products can sterilize your house, they can leave you inhaling toxic chemicals.

8.Books on your shelf

Old books on your bookshelf may be particularly risky.

This is because they contain ethylene oxide.

9. Non-stick cookware

Although they have become a symbol of status in middle-class home, your favourite non-stick pots and pans are another likely cancer trigger.

Teflon, the non-stick artificial finishing on such cookware has been found to increase the risk of some tumors in laboratory tests on animals.

Studies have shown heating Teflon beyond 300°C, may cause the coatings to begin breaking down and in the process release toxic fumes into the food and air.

10. Toothpaste 

The flouride toothpaste is yet another likely cancer-causing product at home.

Several studies have linked fluoride, the anti tooth-decay agent in your toothpaste, to convulsions and other cancers.

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