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10 body parts you can comfortably live without

The human body has parts and organs that one can comfortably live without.

Although most of them are for specific purposes, many people have parts removed due to medical conditions, injuries or illnesses and live a normal life.

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Here are organs and body parts that we can live without;


One can comfortably live without a colon, in fact, has learnt that some people resolve to remove their colon to avoid diseases such as colon cancer.

However, one will need a bag outisde their body to collect stool.

Also, a surgical procedure can be performed to create a pouch in the small intestine that takes the place of the colon.


People without uteruses can lead perfect life as it is normal to have them removed for medical reasons.

Uteruses can be removed in a hysterectomy as a treatment for cancer, pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, among other reasons.

Other parts of the reproductive system including the ovaries can also be removed and one can go on to live a normal life.


Just below the spine, there are extra bones known as the tailbone and it really serves no purpose, according to LiveScience. understands that the tailbone is useful in mammals but when human beings learn to work the tailbone becomes useless.

The tailbone takes quite a while to heal when injured or fractured, but in terms of functionality, it’s not something humans need.

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The gallbladder is a pouch-like organ that contains bile which helps in digesting fats in food.

If the bile gets destroyed, hard fragments called gallstones start to form and they are really painful.

If the paim persists, the gallbladder might be removed with a procedure dubbed cholecystectomy.

In the absence of the gallbladder, the liver pushed the bile directly to the intestines.

One lung

It is definitely possible to live with one lung in tje event tha the other lung is damaged and need to be removed.

According to LiveScience, when one lung is removed, the remaining one inflates to take up some extra space.

It should also be noted that living with one lung does not affect everyday tasks or life expectancy.

Wisdom teeth

Dentists recommend wisdom teeth pulled out as they cause crowding within the mouth and often get impacted and inflamed and can cause a lot of pain.


The appendix contains helpful bacteria that helps indigestion but it is not essential to the digestive process and so one can comfortably live without it.

However, the organ has a tendency of getting infected and inflamed causing severe pain known as the appendicitis.

In such cases, the appendix can be removed with a process known as appendectomy.

One kidney

It is possible to be born with only one kidney, or sometimes, people have it removed in order to donate it or due to a disease or injury.

Although living with one kidney can lead to loss of kidney function, most people live without it normally.

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Located in the upper left part of the abdomen, the spleen acts as a filter for blood as part of the immune system.

It helps to filter the blood of toxins and to help fight off infections

The body organ is usually removed when damaged and one can line without it as the human body has multiple defense mechanisms to prevent infections.

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