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Daniel Moi: 10 memorable quotes by late president


Moi who was popularly known as Nyayo was known for several quotes that defined him.

It’s without doubt that the former president Daniel Moi has left an enduring legacy.

Moi who was popularly known as Nyayo always intimated that he was following in the footsteps of his predecessor Jomo Kenyatta.

Moi was known for several quotes that defined him.

Here are some quotes from the former head of state:

1. Mimi naondoka kwenda kuwa raia mwema. Lakini wale wanaozingatia kuongoza msiweke Kenya chini. Msiweke msingi wa siasa zenu kwa chuki. Kama yuko mtu ametukana mimi namsamehe. Na kama yuko mtu ambaye nimesema kitu inaumiza roho yake unisamehe.

(I’m going to be an ordinary citizen but those who will take over from me should not fail Kenya. Don’t focus your politics on hate. If there is anyone who has insulted me, I have forgiven him. And if I have said something that hurts, forgive me.)

2. Kaeni vivyo hivyo

Moi used the phrase mostly after his speeches in a bid to emphasize the importance of peace and unity.

3. Nguruwe hujikaanga na mafuta yake

Loosely translated to a pig fries itself with its own fat meant to urge Kenyans to be careful so that their actions don’t bring problems to them.


4. Uongozi utabadilika mwaka ujao na utakapobadilika mambo mengi yatabadilika. Kwanza Moi hatakuwepo uongozini. (Leadership will change this coming year and as that happens a lot of things will change, After all, Moi will not be in power).

Daniel Moi spoke in 2002 during his impending retirement.

5. Na hiyo yote ni maendeleo

The former president used this phrase to remind Kenyans and other leaders that his main aim was to develop the country.

6. Siasa Mbaya Maisha mbaya

He said this to advise leaders against using divisive politics.

7. Ceremonial president, atakuwa na sauti gani hata sauti yake ya siasa, ceremonial

(A ceremonial president? Will he even have a voice, his voice will be ceremonial)

Moi was giving his opinion on the proposal to have a ceremonial president.

8. Kutaka kuwa rais ni rahisi kusema lakini ni lazima kuwa na fikra sawa (wanting to be president is easy but you must think clearly about it.)

This was his advice to politicians seeking to vie for seats in the 2002 general elections.

9. Mimi naomba mara kwa mara umoja wa Afrika. Na niliwaambieni wananchi tusimame kwa kupendana tusimame kwa kukaa kwa amani. (I  have preached about African unity and told you that we should love each other and live in peace.)

10. Wanachi walitupa madaraka kufanya yale yanafaa kufanywa. Wanjiku baada ya kutoa mandate, tunarudi tena kwa wanjiku kusema tena onyesha sisi njia ya kuandika katiba ya Kenya. Huo ni mchezo wa aina gani,three years na katiba bado kuwa tayari. (Kenyans gave us the mandate to do what needs to be done but even after all that we still go back to them to ask them to show us how to write the constitution. What kind of joke is that? three years and the constitution is not ready.)

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This was in 2002 and Daniel Moi was insisting on a team of experts to draft the constitution and not the Yash Pal Ghai led initiative which was collecting views of Kenyans.

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