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Can Raila ‘Agwambo’ Odinga Transform into a Leopard, Monkey, or Cow?


George Wajackoyah, the leader of the Roots Party, recently sparked controversy when he sensationally claimed that Raila “Agwambo” Odinga was capable of changing his shape at any time.

Raila, according to Wajackoyah, was a spirit, not a human, and had the capacity to change his shape at any time, which rendered it impossible to hurt him.

The 2022 presidential hopeful stated that attackers who had tried to harm Raila are still running after meeting his spirit forms.

The lawyer asserted that Raila’s shapeshifting abilities made it difficult for the police or any other assailants to shoot him.

The crowd was electrified when Wajackoyah asserted that the ODM leader transformed into a wild animal and scared his attackers away.

“When Baba is present here, don’t underate him. There’s a special way of looking at him. Baba is not a regular human being. They’ve tried shooting at Baba, but he turns into a nyangau; the officers run away. Others shoot at him, and he transforms into a monkey; the officers run so far some haven’t returned to this day,” Wajackoyah claimed Friday, August 11, during a requiem service for 12 people who died during Maandamano.

Can Raila change form into a monkey?

It’s possible that individuals who spread rumours about Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Raila’s father, began to spread rumours about Raila’s ability to change into a monkey.

Jaramogi, who is the doyen of opposition politics, was rumoured to have enigmatic abilities. According to legend, Jaramogi had the ability to change into a cow when his tormentors went looking for him.

One of the most popular urban legends describes how Jaramogi purportedly changed into a cow when President Jomo Kenyatta’s police came to arrest him.

It was also said that Jaramogi could change into a leopard and pursue his attackers.

It’s interesting that those who spread the legend were diehard Jaramogi followers who wanted to promote the mysticism of their leader.


ODM leader Raila Odinga Photo/Twitter


When Jaramogi died in 1994, Raila bolstered the legend of being the most enigmatic politician.

Raila Odinga unexpectedly joined forces with KANU in the famous KANU-NDP merger of March 18, 2002.

He would, however, quit the merger after then-President Daniel Moi named Uhuru Kenyatta as KANU’s candidate for the 2002 poll.

Raila joined forces with Mwai Kibaki, Kijana Wamalwa, Charity Ngilu, and Martha Karua, among other leaders, to floor Uhuru Kenyatta in the December 2002 poll.

This versatility earned Raila the nickname Agwambo (the mysterious one), which he carries to this day.

It is not a wonder that Wajackoyah has awakened the legend of Raila’s mystical power.

The legend of Raila’s ability to take various animal forms is common in his Bondo backyard.

No witness

What is interesting, however, is that no one has ever stepped forward to say they witnessed such transformations.

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Without a witness or strong facts to back the claims, the stories of Agwambo transforming into a monkey, cow, or leopard are just Jaba stories (stori za jaba).

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