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Why rainbows are common in Hawaii

Hawaii a country in the Western United States tops in the lists of country’s where one can watch vibrant iridescent rainbow.

Just like science report, to make a rainbow one requires water and light, and Hawaii, the two components are found in abundance in combination with the islands geographical location making it easier for the rainbow occurrence.

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The rainbow forms it’s beautiful colours through the atmospheric optical effects when raindrops refract and reflect light.

How is home to best rainbows in the world. Photo courtesy

Raindrops ensure for bending of the waves of light as they enter the droplet where they reflect once inside and later refract again while exiting.

Multiple colours appear in the rainbow due to different wavelength refractions at different angles leading to the various colours.

According to scientists, a rainbow mostly is only seen half of it revealing that it is always a 360-degree ring of colour which can be seen in full through aerial view.

Trade winds highly take part in the formation of the rainbow as they bring infrequent rain showers with clear skies between the rainfall.

One can see the 360 degree view of the rainbow via aircrafts. Photo courtesy

Showers and rainbows adorning the morning skies are mainly brought about by Heat off the ocean’s surface during the day which rays’s into the night’s atmosphere.

More rain clouds are formed in one side leaving the other clear due to the mountains which redirect winds up towards the sky, this causes a clear view of the rainbow.

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The rainbows in Hawaii are also never dim because of the clean air free of pollutants that is available in the remote island.

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