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Things you should not do immediately after eating

You may need to take stock of the activities you engage in after meals given some of them could have a negative impact on your health.

You have to understand that not everything that you do immediately after meals is healthy and you actually need to stop.

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Here are some of the most common habits that you should stop.

Sleeping immediately after eating

Sleeping immediately after eating causes excessive burns to the your stomach which in turn leads to discomfort and sleeping irregularities. This is because acid fluids in the stomach enter the food pipe and burn them.

According to reports, sleeping immediately after eating causes obesity. It’s advisable to wait for some hours before sleeping.

When you sleep, the diaphragm is out under excess pressure which could lead to strange snoring or apnea.

Drinking cold water

Never drink cold water immediately after meals as it is highly unhealthy for digestion.

Water can lead to problems like acidity, increased level of insulin and dilutes the digestive acid. This causes food to clumps together. It is recommended to drink warm water if necessary.


Smoking is generally unhealthy to human bodies in every way you can think of.

Scientists have warned that smoking after any meal can cause bowel cancer and lung cancer. Smoking after eating can also cause ulcerative colitis.


If you have to work out then do it before grabbing your meal. If you eat and go exercising immediately, then you have denied you body time to digest the food. This will lead to acid reflux, hiccups, nausea and vomiting.

Eating fruits

Well although it not dangerous at all, fruits are easily digested on an empty stomach.

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When you consume your fruits on a full stomach, they end up getting stuck in the stomach and do not reach the intestines in time. You will end up not getting the essential nutrients.

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