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The tunnel of love: Inside Europe’s most romantic gateway

The tunnel of love is a magnificent and beautiful place where people are head over heels in love visit for special occasions such as honeymoon among others.

The tunnel of love is located in small town Klevan in Ukraine and has without doubt become one of the the most romantic places on the planet.

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The beauty of the popular photogenic green leafy railway has made Ukraine popular and proud.

Tourists visit the tunnel of love to take pictures or sometimes just stroll around with their lovers. Photo courtesy

There is a formation of a green tube in shape of arch with proportions which came as a result of underbrush of trees and bushes, which are entwined together.

Interestingly the tunnel of love was created by chance as during the Soviet time the railway led to staging area which was hidden by the trees. Years later there was a plan that saw pruning of the trees and the bushes and unknowingly natural tunnel was created.

The tunnel of love was created by chance when several people were clearing bushes to make a pass for trains. Photo courtesy

The romantic place which can be described as Magical, mysterious and intriguing among others is about three to five kilometers in lengthy.

The formation of the tunnel keeps its growing following the regular trains which pass there and in turn break off any overgrown tree branches.

The train has often become center of super photo, taken by tourists or photographers as a locomotive, moving through such tunnel, is really amazing performance and it is impossible to refrain from making photo.

The beautiful tunnel of love is beautiful and wonderful at all times a year but is very impressive autumn when trees have still many leaves, and poured it all possible colors, from green to red and yellow.

And during the spring and summer the trees around reach the peak of their leaves creating an impressive look.


Because of the beautiful tunnel, Ukraine has become a home to many tourists. Photo courtesy

During, the tunnel of love has a mysterious look as trees get covered snow.

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One disadvantage about the tunnel, is that it has a lot of mosquitoes which mostly occur in the spring and early summer.

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