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Netizens slam Senator Ledama Ole Kina for fanning tribal hatred

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has found himself at the center of criticism after his ‘tribal’ utterances during  JKL show on Citizen TV.

Ole Kina stated that any non-Maasais living in Maasai dominated counties should not vie for elective posts.

What’s more, he said only issues affecting the Maa community will be discussed during Saturday, February 22 Building Bridges Initiative meeting in Narok

He said that the Maasai people are marginalised, traumatized for years and it’s time their issues were addressed.

“On Saturday only issues affecting the Maa will be discussed I represent all the communities living in Narok but I will not be shy to talk about the plight of the Maasai people,” said Ole Kina.

“We are a tribal country it’s just that we don’t accept it. I say things that most people cannot admit but the fact remains. We have been victimized our land has been taken,” he added.

He said that anyone buying land in Maasai land should not change its use in a bid to ensure food security in the area.

“If you buy land in Maasai land if it’s for agriculture keep it that way don’t start subdividing it to build apartments.

We have Masaais who are herders and some have up to 1000 cattle, do you expect them to keep the cow in a one-acre piece of land,” he said.

His statement angered Kenyans on Twitter who flocked his page with all manner criticism.

Here are some of the comments from his followers.

Wesley Cheruiyot: You are eating your own words. People were watching and you said, “Non-Maasais are welcome in Maasai counties but should never run for elective positions”. Supposing every community was to say so, what will happen to the likes of @JunetMohamed, Shabbir, @HonMishra, etc.

James Nyamu: We have bought land in your community and you can’t dictate how one should invest in it

Thief Echesa: So sad, a young man with a lot of promise reduced to a Raila parrot preaching ethnic violence and eviction.

Andrew Mutenyo: How do Kenyans elect such tribalistic leaders. So disgraceful on national television. I’m embarrassed and gutted.

But the senator remained defiant insisting that anyone bashing him couldn’t handle the truth.

“All those bashing me CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. When Uhuru held a meeting in Sagana and addressed it in Kikuyu no one complained! When Ruto invites his tribemates to Weston Hotel to discuss Kalenjin issues @kipmurkomen does not throw tantrums! So juvenile!”

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