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Mt Kenya is poorer because of Uhuru – Senator Hassan Omar

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar on Monday, August 10 called out President Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly using power to satisfy his personal interests.

Omar accused the president of failing Kenyans especially people from the Mt Kenya region.

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The former Senator said Mt Kenya people have never been poorer than now, when President Uhuru is in power.

“Ukiangalia siasa, Uhuru is taking us back to ethnicity… He got an approval rating that was shocking. Kila mtu akampa fursa ya kufanya yale yote aliotaka kufanya, hatukumkejeli.

“Ukaenda circuit, ukanufaisha interests zako, ukamaliza mpaka watu wako. For the first time Mt Kenya has never been poorer… There is less money or no money in their pockets than there is ever been in their lives,” Omar said.

Omar insisted that the Head of State has failed to deliver as per the constitution and aspirations of Kenyans, promising to transform the country alongside others as soon as Uhuru leaves power.

“Baadha ya hapo anatuambia sasa tukae kando tunegotiate, ili yeye akae mbele ya meza aseme yeye ndiye Mt Kenya leader tunegotiate na yeye. We are not negotiating with you, you must leave sir,” he said.

“Sisi hii Kenya itashikana baada ya wewe kwenda, it is not rocket science we will govern this country Inshallah and it will produce the results of the constitution and aspirations of our people,” Omar added.

Also, Omar threatened to sue the State for the economic loss caused by the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

Omar said experts are gathering evidences to sue the government, private companies and individuals who benefitted from the Mombasa-Nairobi SGR project at the expense of residents.

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“We are moving to court, not to force anyone out of office, but rather compel the government to compensate the people of the Coast for the economic loss due to this project… We are looking for economic restitution of this region,” said Omar.

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