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Kiki wa Ng’endo: Beautiful Kenyan lady admits to knowingly infecting men with HIV

One Jackline Njoki Mwangi alias Kiki wa Ng’endo has shocked many on social media after admitting to infecting multiple men with HIV/AIDs.

Speaking during an interview with TUKO, Kiki revealed that she was infected with HIV by a man who had sex with her and did not tell her his HIV status.

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In revenge, Kiki said she embarked on infecting men with HIV knowingly.

She said that all men who have slept with her without protection have contracted the virus.

“At the end of the day, I can not be your keeper. You know you do not know me, I am not related to you yet you want to have sex with me, why don’t you wear a condom? or take a test with me if am comfortable and if I am not ask me to wear a condom,she said.

The 36-year-old said she decided to open up about her HIV status because she wanted men to stop approaching her.

Kiki added that because of frequent sex, she has developed vaginal complication which makes her lose interest for sex.

She confessed that she has been selling her body to men for over 18 years in order to get money for her maintenance and upkeep.

Kiki said she believes that after sharing her story publicly, many men will change their ways and avoid getting infected.

She added that awareness is crucial as it will make men stop sleeping with random girls without protection.

She also urged her family to hold her by their side and stop launching insults on her.

On how she contracted the virus, Kiki said she got infected when she was a teenager trying to get money to help herself and her nephew.

Kiki arrived at the decision as she had no one to take care of her.

Her mother had gone abroad to work and she was left under the care of her aunt.

She said that her mother was caring and she would send her aunt upkeep money but the aunt would bag it all.

Kiki said after she started sleeping with men, her mother distanced herself from her until date.

Things went south for the then young lady and she even contemplated suicide.

“It was heartbreaking, I stayed without taking medication but was just pushing on with life. At some point I went upcountry and came back to Nairobi and that was when I attempted suicide,” she said.

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The businesswoman now says she is battling depression as her family and friends have deserted her.

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