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Get to know the massive Nazca lines of Peru

The massive Nazca lines were made by ancient people 2000 years ago and continue to exist without any damages to date.

Interestingly, no one has been able to fully explain the meaning of these lines.

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The lines were discovered in a region of Peru over 200 miles southeast of Lima, close to the modern town of Nasca.

In total, there are over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs which are called biomorphs.

Some of the straight lines go up to 30 miles, while the biomorphs vary from 50 to 1200 feet in length, meaning as large as the Empire State Building.

They are most famous for representing animals and plants like a spider, hummingbird, cactus plant, monkey, whale, llama, duck, flower, tree, lizard and dog.

The lines were created by the Nasca people, who flourished from around A.D. 1 to 700.

The Chavin and Paracas cultures who lived before The Nazca people may have also drawn some of the geoglyphs.

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Anthropologists believe that the ancient people designed the shapes by removing 12-15 inches of rock and digging deep to reveal the lighter-coloured sand below to make the figures visible in the region covered in a layer of iron oxide-coated pebbles.

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