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Explained: How rains cause power outages

As the rainy season is set to begin, Kenya Power has explained frequent power outages during rainy days.

In a lengthy social media post, the power company noted that power outages become so rampant that consumers joke that the company doesn’t like its power lines being rained on.

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“The rainy season is here with us again and whilst it’s usually a blessing, rains do sometimes cause a few inconveniences such as power outages which some of our customers jokingly refer to as ‘kuanua stima’,” wrote the company in part.

However, Kenya Power explained that the strong winds that accompany the rains sometimes snap tree branches or uproot whole trees causing them to fall on power lines causing a power outage.

Also, the power distributor explained that sometimes wet tree branches touching power lines create a ‘pathway’ for electric charge to flow between the power conductors to the ground leading to a short circuit which also cause an outage.

To avoid power interruptions, Kenya Power advised Kenyans against cutting down trees that are along or close to the power lines, due to the risk of electrocution.

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