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Did Tanasha part ways with Diamond over ‘witchcraft rituals’?

Popular Tanzanian Bongo artist Diamond Platinumz and his Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna are rumored to have split up.

Although the details of their break-up remain scanty, actor and controversial socialite Mwijaku has come out to claim the two parted ways over superstitious beliefs.

In an interview with Bongo 5, Mwijaku claimed that Tanasha called it quits after attempts by the family to initiate her into bizarre rituals so that she could be recognized as one of them.

He claimed Tanasha, owing to her upbringing could not uphold such beliefs which ultimately led to the two parting ways.

He observed that Tanasha refused to partake concoctions prepared for her by her mother in law.

“You shouldn’t marry a woman who is learned. You know Tanasha doesn’t believe in superstition because she comes from a family that doesn’t believe in witchcraft and stuff like that,” said Mwijaku.

He insisted that the Dangote family believes in superstition that’s why a newborn baby must have a black band on the hand and a mother has to take a concoctions prepared by a medicineman.

“The family believes that after the baby is born a black band must be tied on the baby’s hand but Tanasha doesn’t buy any of that because she was brought up in the western countries,” he stated.

Diamond’s family is rumored to use protective charms.

After the birth of Tanasha’s baby Naseeb Junior the baby had a black band tied on his wrist.

Her fans couldn’t stop questioning why the kid had the band. However, in recent photos, the baby no longer has the band meaning it’s possible Tanasha removed it.

Before leaving for Kenya Tanasha had given more than enough hints that she was done with the Dangote family.

She unfollowed Diamond his mother Instagram and also blocked his sister Esma Platinumz.

The former NRG presenter also put up a post ‘I will never sell my soul’ that left her fans guessing what she meant.

On why Diamond’s relationships were not working the actor claimed that Diamond has been doing his best to make his mother happy therefore forgetting about his family.

“The problem is not diamond it’s his mother. Diamond has been after making his mother happy forgetting that he has a wife. Making your mom happy is not a bad thing but one must be careful not to overdo it,” he said.

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