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Another unique zebra foal spotted in Mara (photos)

Another rare zebra foal has been spotted in the Maasai Mara. The golden coloured baby zebra has excited netizens, three weeks after a polka zebra was spotted in the same reserve.

“I was the first who spotted the the little baby zebra, and I have given it my second name ‘Manie’,” said John Manie Kipas who works at Mara West camp at the Mara triangle.

Kipas said he spotted the foal at Ngiro area amid migrating wildebeest and zebras moving toward the Serengeti and he took lots of photos.

The foal has a stripped neck, head, legs and tail but the rest of the body was brownish and like donkey’s.

According to animal researchers, ‘blonde’ or golden-coloured zebras have a condition known as amelanism.

Amelanism is a pigmentation abnormality characterised by the lack of colour pigments called melanin.

The condition differs from albinism which is a complete absence of colour pigments or melanin.

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