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Andrew Kibe opens up on challenges he faced after losing radio job

Media personality Andrew Kibe has opened up on challenges he faced after losing his job as Radio Africa-owned radio station Kiss 100.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the radio host revealed tha the lost his car and was rendered homeless for a while after losing his job.

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He, however, stated that he kept pushing and eventually got back to his feet.

He launched his internet radio, Rogue Radio and with it he says he is going far.

“I was homeless. I thought I would make it the next day after quitting my job, but no. That journey is long. 2020 messed up with me big time but rewarded me at the same time. I am proud of my Rogue Radio project. With this radio, I am going somewhere,” Kibe said.

In July 2020, Kibe and Jalang’o were put on the spot for mocking blogger Edgar Obare over his ‘cheap’ advertising rates.

It all started when Jalang’o was addressing his beef with the blogger when he revealed that Obare charges KSh 5,000 for advertising while for him an advertiser has to part with at least KSh 200,000 for a single advert.

“You see Edgar has to eat, if he doesn’t write about me, he will not eat, so why would you spoil somebody else’s supper or lunch… He charges KSh 5,000 for the advertisement he makes,” he said.

“A client wanted me to advertise for them and I told them its KSh 200k and they tell me mbona kwa Edgar tunalipishwa KSh 5,000,” he added.

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All this time, Kibe who was recently fired from Kiss 100 is seen laughing sarcastically, as he responds to Jalang’o’s explanation.

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