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Woman reveals hubby proposed 4 hours after meeting her

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A couple in Nairobi identified Daniel Muthui and Susan Njeri who are chefs have narrated how they met and only four hours after he asked for her hand in marriage.

While narrating their sweet love story in Swith Tv, the couple disclosed that they met through Muthui’s sister and it was love at first sight.

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Muthui revealed that when they met face to face, the Holy Spirit led him to propose to Njeri and with no hesitation he tried his shot.

The man further said that he had 13 things that he was looking for in a woman he was to marry and on the day he met Njeri there was nothing that stood out.

The Holy Ghost said, ‘this is the lady’. I went to her and told her, ‘Susan, I want to marry you” he said.

The 28-year-old woman revealed that when Muthui, 36, approached her for her hand in marriage, she was shocked as they barely knew each other.

“I was shocked because before we went for that job, that morning I prayed and God talked to me, and He said ‘call unto me, and I will answer…’ And when Muthui asked me to marry him, I was like, you’ve answered me,” she said.”

The lady said she lacked an appropriate answer for Muthui until three days later when she said yes.

She revealed that she told her family who were ready to support her. Njeri said that at first her mother questioned the relationship but things turned out well later.

“My mom was like that is too first but I told her I had heard from the holy spirit,” she said.

Njeri further stated that in there 10 months marriage she has been a happy soul.

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I have learnt a lot and always prayed to get a man who’s more spiritual than me so that I can learn from him,” she said.

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