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Viral video of a woman narrating how she fell on melons leaves netizens in stitches

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Fun | 0 comments

A viral video of a woman narrating an incident to journalists has left social media users in stitches.

The woman narrated how authorities bumped at her after she was late to close her business past curfew hours.

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According to the woman while telling the tale, she was busy in her work before people who looked like potential customer appeared and she welcome them quickly only to realize they were officers.

The woman using gestures and facial expressions revealed that something hit her back and was immediately commanded to close down her business.

She said she was not given time to explain to them that it was still 7.00 pm and not curfew hours.

“I wondered what was going on, I thought I was in another country. Then he told me ‘funga kazi’ and I asked ‘it’s only 7pm?’ and then I got another hit from the back and fell on watermelons,” she vaguely said.

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Her narration left many excited who reacted to the video with hilarious comment and memes.

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