1. Nobel Prize-winner, physician Albert Schweitzer was born

On this day in 1875, physician and 1953 Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer was born.

He is remembered as a Founder of Lambaréné (République de Gabon), Missionary surgeon in Gabon which was part of France equatorial Guinea. His philosophy of  “reverence for life” which extolled the idea that all life being respected and loved, and that humans should enter into a personal, spiritual relationship with the universe and all its creations has been adopted in many humanitarian campaigns.

2. 1 million Rwandans face murder charges in village court following 1994 genocide

National Service of Gacaca Jurisdictions Secretary General Domitilla Mukantaganzwa announced in 2006 that one eighth of the country, equivalent to one million people would face killing charges in Gacaca village courts.

In a statement, the secretary general said:


“Drawing from the experience and figures accruing from the pilot trials, we estimate a figure slightly above one million people that are supposed to be tried under the Gacaca courts.”

3. 1943 Churchill, Roosevelt and de Gaulle meet in Casablanca

Morocco is remembered to have played a key role in ending the WWII and creation of unity after the war. Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, De Gaulle met at Casablanca. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union had been invited but did not attend.

It is rumored that the meeting eventually led to the end of the war, use of the atomic bomb and war against communism in the years to follow.

4. Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii

In 1973, the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley set the world abuzz when he claimed that his TV show was watched by 1.5 billion people.

The show that cost $2.5 million (KSh 250 million) was aired via satellite but data later showed that the number of people in target countries could not reach a billion.

5. The first recurring animation 

Richard Felton, an American cartoonist creates the first recurring carton in 1894. He is considered to be the father of modern comic animation

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