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Thieves steal woman’s phone, upload their photos on her Facebook account

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Fun | 0 comments

Social media users have been shocked after learning that a suspected herdsmen who stole a woman’s phone used it to take selfies and uploaded to Facebook using the woman’s account.

Netizens were dumbfounded following the level of confidence of the thieves who cared less about what would follow next.

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In one of the photos, the thieves could be seen posing aside a heard of cows they were herding.

Social media users reacted massively to the post .

Sam Ade: “This can only happen in a country where nothing is working. Intelligence gathering is a failure. Tracking of stolen phones has also failed.”

Mercy Eberechukwu Promise: “Not surprised. Fulani Herdsmen are the first-class citizen in this country. The rest of us are second fiddle.”

Samuel Henry: “The truth is that, they don’t hide at all, they are well within us and Nigeria security knows this, so they don’t fear at all, but God Will help us.

Ejyke Hillz: “They were ignorant of their deeds… that’s why education is good…”

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Ogochukwu Juliet: “Because they are very sure of getting away with it. Let it be from another region, the entire motorized battalion will be released in search of them. Meanwhile, they’re just senseless.”

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