Seven teenage girls who made headlines after going missing on Saturday, November 14, have broken their silence dispersing abduction and kidnapping reports.

According to one of the girls only identified as Natalie, they disappeared as they were bored staying indoors.

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“I would not be here if it were not for the angle the whole thing has taken on social media, with people trolling us,” Natalie told reporters.

She added that once the drama surrounding their disappearance cools down, they will plan another getaway to have fun.

Natalie further said that Shanice Muoka – one of the seven girls – would just laugh if she saw the video of her cousin asking for help to locate her.

“I’m sure if Shanice (one of the other missing girls) were to see this video, she would just laugh it off because she does not care,” Natalie stated.

She noted that it was normal for Shanice to disappear and appear whenever she wanted.


“She calls one of us and we beg her to return home. We know each other’s contacts off head,” Natalie added.

Initial reports indicated that the girls went missing after being lured by a job advert looking for movie casting roles.

Shanice’s cousin Barbra Yvette said the girl left the house on Saturday night after calling an international phone number.

“We are very worried after her disappearance because she is a minor and does not have any identification documents so she can easily be trafficked out of the country.

“She left the house at night on Saturday and used the mum’s phone to call the international number because her phone was confiscated by the parents so we cannot even reach her,” she explained.

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Yvette added that when the number was tracked on Thursday, November 19 it revealed that the owner was travelling towards Mombasa.

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