Award-winning Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has clapped back at socialite Huddah Monroe days after claiming that she doesn’t know him or any of his songs.

Khaligraph who is preparing is on warpath with Huddah has released a dis track which casts Huddah as someone who careless party animal in the era of COVID-19.

The self-proclaimed OG bashes Huddah on her past relationship with Rapper Colonel Mustafa and made claims that the socialite still parties while other people are on quarantine.

“Mmeambiwa mkae kwa nyumba na hamtaki before Corona iwaex kama unga ya chapati…ju sahii maslayqueen kama Huddah wanaparty, ulifanya mistake kunitaja OG is a big brand…and I’m not single siwezi kutaka si ni juzi ilikua unadate Mustafa,” he raps in the one minute video.

However, in an interesting twist that has had him bashed by a section of his fans, Khali slams a fan who met him and wanted them to shake hands.

” Nilikuwa juzi supa mashopping nikitembea/nikacheki fan flani kwa far akinigotea/akaanza kunisongea mikono akiniletea/I told him get off…hiyo ugonjwa hutanipea”

Khali’s beef with the socialite started when Huddah swore that she doesn’t know Khaligraph Jones during an interview with YouTuber Bridget Shigadi.


“The guy apparently called me so many times and I never picked up. I rarely pick up phone calls but honestly I don’t even know any of Khaligraph’s songs but I think he’s doing well, he won an award. I swear, none of his songs to be honest. I swear to God yaani leo ndio nimeangalia page yake for the first time ever since I read that article,” Huddah said.


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Koriema Safi