Papa Shirandula TV series actor Ken Gichoya, alias Njoro has spoken on the rising cases of depression in the Kenyan comedy industry.

Speaking during an interview with a local publisher, Njoro blamed his fellow comedians for the rising cases of depression, as he insisted on investing in the future.

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“Nimeona saa hii wasanii wengi sana unaskia wanaenda into depression… sijui Njoro wa Churchill… sijui ule mwingine alikufa na depression sababu wakati walikuwa na pesa waliishi ustaarabu,” said the actor.

Njoro urged comedians to spend their money wisely, saying the savings will help them in the future.

“Mtu anataka kuishi Kileleshwa, anataka kuendesha Mercedes halafu anakosa ku-invest in the future. Halafu saa zile fame inaisha na pesa hauna, unaanza kuregret zile vitu ambazo ungefanya,” he added.

Njoro also admitted that is love for alcohol during his prime days negatively impacted his investments.

The actor said he would have been bigger had he been wiser back then.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of comedians have come out to talk about going through depression.

The artistes include Churchill Show comedian Njoro who said she attempted suicide three times.

Speaking with fellow comedian Zeddy, Njoro said his suicide attempts included ingesting poisonous chemicals and cutting himself on the wrist.

“I have tried to take my own life three times but by some miracle I failed in all my attempts. It must be God’s plan but truth be told, I am not well at all,” he said

In December 2019, Njoro said his mental health status worsened and he tried to kill himself by plunging his car at the Rift Valley View Point in Limuru.

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“I wanted to plunge my vehicle at the Rift Valley View Point in Limuru. While making my last prayers, it appears God spoke to a truck driver, who came and tied a towing rope on the rear part of my car.

“After completing my prayer, I pressed the accelerator paddle, but the vehicle couldn’t move. When I stepped out of my car, the truck driver told me I wasn’t going to kill myself as he watched,” said Njoro.

Former Churchill Show comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu also vlaimed he has been battling depression for a while.

Wakimani said the cause of him getting into depression, were frequent frustrations from Churchill Show senior officials.

“I’ve been going through depression for the last three years and it has not been a very easy road for me. Wakati nilikua na-go through depression, it started from Churchill Show,” he said.

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“Nilikua nafanya Churchill show and at some point I felt like we are falling out because of one or two things,” he said.

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