Gospel Celebration Center International leader Prophet Paul Mwaniki has said the Building Bridges Initiative is a great idea that would greatly benefit Kenya if it was not ‘poisoned’ by politicians.

In a viral video, Mwaniki is heard telling the congregation that although BBI is a noble idea that would greatly benefit Kenyans, politicians have hijacked the process poisoned it with their selfish interests.


He said a lot of ‘vocal’ politicians were looking out for themselves to see what they’ll gain and not how future generations of Kenyans would benefit from the initiative.

“The worst thing that has ever happened to this nation are politicians. The fact is that they are not thinking about 50 years to come because most of them will not be here. A generation is being born in Pumwani hospital, the rate of unemployment has gone up,” said Mwaniki.

BBI, as it stands, is the greatest thing that could ever happen to this nation. But you see there is a curse on the land that always hijacks good things and ensures they don’t see the light of the day. Even those politicians you hear shouting and complaining are not shouting because of you,” he added.

The preacher reiterated that the church needed to have a voice in the BBI in a bid to steer the debate in the right direction.

He noted that Kenyans needed empowerment to avoid falling prey to selfish politicians.

“The poorer you are the easier it is for them to manipulate for masses for voting. We need empowerment we are not going to be empowered by the short cuts people are trying to take” he said.

Early this week Pastor Wilfred Lai noted that wananchi do not need BBI but the leaders who keep drawing Kenyans into their feuds do.

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