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Nandi Governor Sang slams Senator Cherargei for supporting corrupt governors

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Counties | 0 comments

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang on Sunday, February 9 slammed county’s Senator Samson Cherargei for allegedly supporting corrupt governors.

Speaking during a fundraiser in Nandi, Sang caused laughter among the audience when he claimed Cherargei received a ‘huge’ bribe during the recent impeachment of immediate former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

“ The other day, I heard he was given something in a bid to save Waititu. Please bring some of that money here,” Sang chided the senator as the crowd erupted in wild laughter.

Sang also related another incident when Cherargei allegedly asked governors in a forum to contribute towards a Bill that would offer the county bosses immunity from prosecution for economic crimes.

Sang said he was opposed to the Bill from the onset as the law stipulated only a sitting president enjoyed immunity from prosecution.

“ There is nobody else in the this republic who has been given immunity except the president. We’re governors, if you steal public funds, be ready to face the law,” said Sang.

Cherargei was one of the 12 senators who voted against Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s impeachment on Wednesday, January 29.

Tuga Tai is just on another level ! … He has pulled a fast one on Senator Cherargei 🔥🔥

Posted by Arusei Gilbert on Sunday, 9 February 2020

Waititu was facing three charges among them gross violation of the constitution, abuse of office and crime under the national law.

In the first charge 27 senators voted in support of the charge and 12 voted against it.

Regarding the second charge on crimes under the National Law, 28 senators found the county boss guilty against 11 senators.

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