Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole sankok representing people with disability has created a hot discussion online due to his sentiments about mid 30s men.

According to Sankok, men who usually marry at their 30s are always failures and should never call themselves youths.

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The MP married at the age of 21 while even before he had joined Nairobi University to study Medicine.

At the tender age he tied the knot with the love of his life whom he has happily lived with till today.

The two have always been playing low and away from the public since they married.


He once disclosed at an interview with The Standard that he has never fallen in love with any other lady.

He also disclosed that at that time no lady wanted to be associated with a disabled man coming from a poor background.

The MP talking about his personal life that many did not know, said that when he proposed at his wife at that time she quickly said yes.

His wife was studying nursing at the Kenya Medical Technical College in Nairobi.

David Ole Sankok

“I married at the age of 21 years. I paid my university fees through sharpening knives and selling mitumba in Suswa – Narok,” said the nominated MP.

He further said that h was elected as the SONU President when he was only 22-years-old and received a monthly salary of KSh 9,000 and additional of other allowances which he used in contributing for his wife’s fees.

He explained that it was bad because other parents would always use them as a negative example while advising their children.

Sankok was also against men who say in their parents homes for long without planing to relocate.

“Because you remained in your mother’s kitchen longer makes you a beggar, not a young man,” stated Sankok.

“Therefore, grow up and stop referring us who married earlier as your elders yet we are at the same age bracket. Grow up and let young people by age take their rightful positions,” he added.

He further stated that anyone in adolescence stage is ready for marriage because that is God’s sign.

“All tools of the trade are getting ready for example development of breast for breastfeeding not to attract men for prostitution,” he said.

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Online users available at the time of the post publishing disagreed with him terming his opinion as unbalanced and does not apply in this era.

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